Documents released in Tucson terror case

A judge has released additional information in the case against a Tucson teen accused of plotting a terror attack.

The indictment reveals that 18-year-old Mahin Khan is facing three charges and planned to target a DMV office here in the valley.

There are more than a dozen DMV offices in Maricopa County but prosecutors did not specify which office he planned to hit. In heavily redacted documents the FBI details Khan's e-mail exchanges where he pledges support for ISIL and other terror groups in Pakistan.

Khan also allegedly asked for an AK, presumably referring to an AK-47 rifle. But when the supplier told him he would have to pay for the weapons he wrote never mind and asked for a pressure cooker. Authorities say the contact replied yes one is available and Khan asked for a recipe on how to make the bomb.

A pressure cooker bomb is the same one used in the Boston Marathon attack in 2013 that killed 6 and injured 200.

Not much is known about Khan's past, but he attended public schools in Tucson and Chandler. While in Tucson a district says he had behavioral issues and withdrew.

According to Chandler Police they responded to the BASIS charter school regarding comments he allegedly made to other students. That investigation ended without any charges.

Khan turned 18 last month, his next court date is scheduled for July 12.