Chandler dog attack: Woman asks unknown owners to take accountability to prevent another attack

A woman is suffering after a vicious dog attack in Chandler.

Police arrived to find the victim bleeding, with the dog’s owner nowhere to be seen.

Crystal Brown says what’s important to her is trying to get the message out, so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

She says this happened outside her office near Alma School and Ray roads.

"It was going into my flesh. It clinched on, and it was the worst pain, to be honest, I ever felt. It was horrible," Brown said.

Brown is still shaken over the dog attack she faced on April 26.

She was loading her car outside her office when it happened.

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"I didn’t even hear the dogs at first. I heard the owners yelling for their dogs, and I saw the dogs running, and the owners were yelling for them," she said.

Two dogs that Brown describes as either pitbull or pitbull mixes. She says they were rushing straight at her.

She says one dog jumped and pushed her down. The other bit into her arm and ankles.

"I had to scream. That’s why I lost my voice. I had to scream really loudly, 'Please! Come help! Come get your dogs!’ Finally, she started coming, walking to get her dogs," Brown said.

She says one of the ladies grabbed the dogs’ leashes, but left her there bleeding without offering help.

"I said, ‘Please help me,’ and she continued to walk. I said, ‘You’re just going to leave me here?’" Brown recalled.

Brown suffered seven puncture wounds to the skin. It still hurts for her to put weight on one foot.

Still, she’s thankful it wasn’t worse.

Her therapy dog in training, Ellie, was inside the car when it happened. She wasn't hurt.

Brown says she isn’t vengeful, but is disappointed. She hopes the dog owner out there takes accountability before this happens to someone else.

"The way that that dog bit me, I don’t think this was the first time the dog bit somebody. It wasn’t intimidated to bite me," Brown said.

Chandler Police says if you have any information, to call its nonemergency number at 480-782-4130.