Dog gets new lease on life after getting hit by car

GLENDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - A few weeks ago, Gemini was hit by a car.

The nearly 2-year-old Husky was left for hours until she was finally rescued. She was immediately taken to the Animal Medical Center of Deer Valley.

Veterinarian Dr. Lee says he and his team made every effort to save her leg but knew it had to be amputated.

"The foot was so deformed, despite some attempts of reconstructive surgery before the leg was completely useless, so she would hold it up and not even walk on it, so we decided the best things at that point was to remove it," he said.

After a few surgeries, she's still recovering. Today's she's had some stitches removed and Dr. Lee expects her to make a full recovery.

"She's going to recover wonderfully," he said. "She's a sweetheart. She's going to get a good home for her. She'll have a wonderful life, and she won't miss the leg at all."

ABC animal rescue tells us Gemini was not micro-chipped and her owner still has not come forward.

So far, her surgeries have cost up to $4,000. The non-profit says they need donations to afford Gemini's medical bills before she's ready for adoption.

"We got out on a wing and a prayer," Andra Jeffress said. "We're not sure we're going to be able to afford this, so we really need the public to step up and just help us with her medical care really."

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