Dog reunited with owner after evading capture on US 60

A dog found wandering on westbound US 60 in Mesa Monday morning has been reunited with its owner.

The pup was first spotted near the Gilbert Road exit and forced traffic to come to a halt as the pooch darted in and out of traffic.

Troopers from the Arizona Department of Public Safety quickly arrived at the scene and stopped traffic as they tried to corral the lost dog.

Eventually a good Samaritan helped grab the dog, he was bit in the process, but he held onto her until troopers could put a collar on her.

The dog named "Summer" belongs to Kelly Nichols and had escaped through an unlocked gate Friday night. After two days on the run she ended up on the freeway.

Patrick Flanigan was the man who helped grab Summer. He was on his way to work when he saw the dog run at him, so he got out and helped.

"We have a dog, we have kids. I know if our dog was out, we would want someone to do the same thing," said Patrick Flanigan.

Now Nichols and Summer are reunited.

"I am super happy she is in one piece, I'll be able to take her home, and she won't go without her collar and her information ever again," said Nichols.