Dog who protected its owner from rattlesnake continues road to recovery

A Golden Retriever puppy is now an internet sensation, after it protected its owner during a hike.

Tangling with a rattlesnake on Friday, then becoming a viral sensation on Saturday will wear a pup out, but Todd has bounced back nicely, according to his dog mom, Paula Godwin.

"Right here and here it used to be really it used to be really swollen it was probably like this big," said Godwin.

On Saturday, the six month old pup was still swollen from the rattlesnake poison, but a dose of antivenom put him on a quick road to recovery. Dr. Frank Isom of Four Legged Friends Animal Hospital didn't treat Todd, but said if your dog is bitten, you should call and then rush them to a 24-hour clinic that is more likely to stock the anti-venom.

"Typically, for a routine average bite, its about $3,000," said Dr. Isom. "Anti-venom is expensive, that's correct. They need about three vials at $350 each, but they also need 24-hour care, fluids, observation, blood work."

Todd's treatment was more than $1,000 at the Anthem veterinarian. Godwin says she wants to help others people whose pets are bitten by a snake, but can't afford the treatment. She has started a Gofundme in Todd's name to go to the Anthem veterinarian, which sees quite a few rattlesnake bites on pets.

"Specifically 100 percent go to people that can't afford anti-venom," said Godwin.

Gofundme for dog rattlesnake bite antivenom treatments