Dogs and puppies arrive in Arizona for medical care after rescue from puppy mill

50 dogs and puppies rescued from commercial breeders across the country have arrived in Arizona, with many of them in need of medical attention.

As the door glided open, the 50 dogs enter a new world, a world of love. They were saved from several places across the Midwest by the National Mill Dog Rescue.

Executive Director Teresa Shrader says most are in bad shape.

"It's a life of confinement, not a lot of time with people and not a lot of vet care," said Strader.

When the Arizona Animal Welfare League heard they needed a home and a place to care for them, they made it happen.

"Yes, absolutely we can take in these 50. We can find other partners. We can make this work for you because saying no to these commercial breeders, we know what that means for these dogs," said Michael Morefield.

On Tuesday, volunteers helped unload every dog. Then, vets examine each one and uncover the care they'll need

"It's pretty hard to think about the lives they've led up to this point, but the good news is now they're here, so we're going to be able to get them all the help they need," said Dr. Lisa Shriver.

Once one van was unloaded, another pulled up, with more dogs needing care. Strader says the dogs were bred until they were no longer wanted, but she knows now the dogs have a great life ahead of them.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League said it's pretty expensive to take in all these dogs at once, so they use the Medical Miracle Fund, and the organization is asking for donations to that fund. They also stressed that it might be a while before any of these dogs are able to be adopted.