Donations made to animal shelter in memory of Arizona boy

The Donor Network of Arizona is honoring 9-year-old Calvin Mosman, who died from an asthma attack.

"He was always out getting dirty just like kids are climbing trees, he really enjoyed animals," John Mosman said. "All the facts aside, he's no longer with us. We couldn't be happy with the way it turned out with all the recipients."

The lives of five people were saved since the Mosmans donated their child's organs and tissues.

"If we hadn't donated his organs, his story would have ended when he died, but we donated and his story lives on... he lives on," Lisa Mosman said.

The donor network gave a whole bunch of pet supplies to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in honor of Calvin.

"All of this signifies that Calvin is still present with us, that the ripple effects of his life," Marcel Pincince said.

NASCAR driver Joey Gase was on hand for the donation, and the family got a big surprise -- a photo of their son, Calvin, is featured on his race car at the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Gas says organ donations hit close to home after he lost his mother to a brain aneurysm six years ago.

"Later we found out she was able to save the lives of 66 people, which is amazing to us," he said.

Calvin was a big fan of the cartoon "Calvin and Hobbes," and now, wherever they go, the Mosmans carry their late son's stuffed animal, the tiger "Hobbes" from the popular comic.

"It's actually 'Calvin and Hobbes,'" John Mosman said. "We carry some of his ashes in there too so he's always with us."