Downed trees among the storm damage in hard-hit Livonia

All across southeastern Michigan residents were dealing with downed trees, wires or flooding on the highways after bands of strong thunderstorms rolled through Wednesday.

Severe storms brought down this huge tree in Livonia covering Jamison street in the Castle Gardens subdivision.

Martin Kreska came home to a mess and walks us through it.

"I come out to the front, I’m like our branches are really, really low -  I look outside, I’m like, ‘oh yeah half our tree is in the street,’" he said. "So it came really suddenly, and we’re just lucky the tree didn’t fall on the other side, and take down part of the house."

Adding to the stress level is that power is out. A choir of generators is keeping basic operations going.

"Our sub is known for having really bad power as is," Kreska said.

"Couple that with a really bad storm and it’s just kind of a bad situation so. DTE said they’re working on it, but they have to wait for the storm to clear," he said.


In the same area roughly between Schoolcraft and Six Mile roads, DTE reported 1,500 to 2,500 customers out of service.

Across town in Hazel Park, I-75 was closed as water took over the freeway backing up traffic for miles. 

That wasn't the only freeway beset with flooding as I-94 at 12 Mile, I-94 after 696, and I-75 in both directions all the way from Eight Mile to 12 Mile was closed.

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