Downtown businesses excited for Phoenix Comic-Con

Business is booming in downtown Phoenix.

There is a lot of excitement about Comic-Con in downtown Phoenix, you have the costumes and exhibits, you have the restaurants, they're pretty excited as well.

"I took four pictures as I was driving to work of people that were dressed up, it's just crazy," said AJ Sulka.

Sulka is the President of Majerle's Restaurants, and they are geared up for the weekend, expecting 80,000 fans to Phoenix Comic Con.

"We staffed up huge; this is one of our biggest events going into Summer, so we wait for this going into it for quite a while. We have a lot of specials going on, our staff will dress up in different costumes, it's a fun event for the employees and for Majerle's," said Sulka.

Majerle's is right across the street from the event, along with a few other businesses nearby.

Phoenix Comic Con runs through Sunday afternoon at the Phoenix Convention Center.