DPS: Dog found nearly two weeks after being thrown from car in crash

MUNDS PARK, Ariz. (FOX 10) - The Arizona Department of Public safety found a dog that had missing in Northern Arizona nearly two weeks after he was thrown from a vehicle in a crash.

Troopers investigated a crash on Interstate 17 southbound near milepost 308 back on March 12. During the crash, a pitbull mix named Dozer was ejected from the vehicle. Troopers spent hours that day looking for the dog with no luck.

DPS says between March 12 and March 25 they received several calls about a dog matching Dozer's description and believed he was alive. Troopers spent more time looking for the dog, even using their lunch breaks to search for him.

Troopers called on Central Arizona Animal Search and Rescue for help. They set a trap in the area of the crash and on March 25 Dozer was found in the trap by a volunteer.

DPS says Dozer appeared thin and exhausted but thankfully did not have any major injuries. Dozer was returned to his owner in good spirits by a volunteer and trooper Randi Wybron who spent a lot of time looking for him.

Fox 10 reported this from Phoenix.