DPS reaches out to community, seeks shooting tips

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says they will be reaching out to the community, hoping to generate leads in a series of shootings along valley freeways.

So far there have been 11 incidents linked to the freeway shooter(s) with most of the damage on I-10.

DPS will work with the Phoenix Police Department to hand out flyers in neighborhoods near I-10. Each flyer contains details on the shooting and phone numbers to the DPS hotline setup for the shootings.

Colonel Frank Milstead, the head of DPS announced the reward for information increased to $50,000. Troopers have beefed up patrols on the freeways, and they are investigating over 550 of the 800+ tips the agency has received.

In addition to flyers, DPS has also put up several billboard across the valley in an effort to gather more shooter tips from the community.

The billboard have been placed at the following locations:

There have been no new incidents since last Thursday, DPS does not know why, but spokesman Bart Graves says they believe the suspect is still out there.

"We're continuing full bore with our investigation, 24 hours a day these people who are working the investigation. A lot of them are working without sleep are following up every lead they're assigned, and this investigation by no means is over," said Bart Graves.

Troopers also are investigated three incidents where windows were shattered in the Tucson area, but they have been linked to road debris.