Driver slams into garbage cans in Phoenix

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- When people put their garbage out to be collected, they never expect they'd be the one to clean it up. That, however, is exactly what happened to one Valley man after a truck slammed into his cans, and it was all caught on camera.

Friday morning was a messy one for some homeowners in one particular parts of s particular area. Leland Gebhardt was working in his home office at around 7:00 a.m. when he heard something unusual.

"I heard a collision sound, and I rushed to the front of the house thinking it was the trash truck coming for my trash," said Gebhardt.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the trash guy coming for the trash. Instead, it was someone driving erratically in this pick up truck. Surveillance video shows the truck swerving before plowing into the trash cans.

"As soon as the truck hit them, they kind of exploded all over the driveway," said Gebhardt. "They were shoved about 80 to 100 feet down the street to where they stopped."

Rather than getting back to work, Gebhard had a mess to clean up. His neighbor and another helping hand luckily pitched in.

"Even the trash guy, when he stopped by, he actually got out with a shovel and was helping up to load it back up, really nice guy," said Gebhardt.

Was the driver distracted? Maybe intoxicated? Or did he or she do it on purpose? Whatever the reason, Gebhardt is just happy no one was hurt.

"They didn't even slow down. There was no hesitation. It could have been a person," said Gebhardt. "The thing that really startled me is they didn't slow down to think should I have stopped to see if something is wrong. They just kept going as if it didn't happen."

The garbage cans will be replaced.