Duluth police squash litterbug's months-long habit of dumping Kroger ads in roadway

A Duluth Police officer is being hailed a hero, after squashing a litterbug's months-long habit of dumping Kroger ads.

Police said Randy Peterson, 42, has been tossing cartons of paper ads from his car window since last year - on the same week days (Monday and Tuesday), at the same time, on the same stretch of road.

In body and dash camera video obtained by FOX 5, you can hear Officer Ted Sadowski point out the evidence against Henderson.

"The same Kroger ads, the same time, same day," Sadowski said. Henderson responded, "Me? You sure, sir?"

The littering dates back to last October, according to a Duluth police report, which notes at least nine dumpings since.

Fed up with the weekly eyesore, Sadowski watched traffic camera footage near Buford Highway and Pleasant Hill Road.

He noted the time when Kroger ads started blowing in the wind: 4:30 a.m.

In April, Sadowski staked out the scene.

Practically on cue, a vehicle turned onto the ramp just before 4:30 in the morning. The vehicle slowed down, and Sadowski spotted those same Kroger ads.

When pulled over, Peterson told police he delivers the ads for Kroger and they accidentally flew out of his car window.

Sadowski arrested Peterson on scene and charged him with unlawful dumping.

Police later learned Peterson had been littering across numerous cities.

Sadowski, who was awarded "Officer of the Month" in April, told FOX 5, "Not only was this an eyesore for drivers and residents of Duluth, but it also cost taxpayer money by having city employees pick up the mess the suspect left."