Elderly man with Alzheimer's found during search for robbery suspect in Tampa

A missing 75-year-old who suffers from Alzheimer's was rescued by deputies who were searching the woods along Interstate 275 in Tampa for a robbery suspect. 

Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies responded to E. Bearss Avenue to search for the suspected robber who fled into the woods. 

Deputies thought they located the suspect, but when they got closer, they realized it was an elderly man who had gone missing the day before from the area of the University of South Florida.


HCSO helicopter pilots helped lead deputies to elderly man in the woods

Aerial footage recorded by HCSO's helicopter showed the moment the deputies found the man. From the helicopter audio, the deputies in the air help lead the deputies on the ground to the person they believe to be the suspect.

As the deputies on the ground get closer, they realize it's the missing 75-year-old, who suffers from Alzheimer's.


Deputies realize it was the man who went missing the day before

"That is wild" one of the helicopter deputies said, adding, "That's amazing. Great job everybody."

Deputies brought the man to safety. He was reunited with his family soon after.


Deputies said the man was quickly taken to safety

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office did not say if the robbery suspect was located.