Election 2016; Breaking It Down - 2nd GOP debate review

The debate was at the Ronald Reagan library but there weren't very many references to Ronald Reagan-- The man who president granted amnesty to three million immigrants. President Reagan probably wouldn't have made it to the GOP main stage in 2015.

How did the candidates do?

Donald Trump, leader in the polls, was his usual self. He didn't lay out many facts, had a couple good punchlines ,if you like Trump you probably liked his performance.

Ben Carson was understated, soft-spoken, the only person who wasn't shouting and a lot of people like that.Establishment semi-moderates Jeb

Bush and John Kasich tried to strike more aggressive poses to break through the clutter as did conservatives Marco Rubio, Chris Christie Ted Cruise, Mike Huckabee and all the rest.

Rand Paul made some strong libertarian points.

Carly Fiorina was the snarling star of the debate, dissing Donald Trump and calling Hillary Clinton a liar three times in the same sentence.

As a woman she is a welcome presence for Republican leaders desperate to cut into the party's gender gap... although Carly says she prefers the race to be gender neutral.

She played pit bull much of the night. Look for her to dial it back a bit in the next debate.