Embattled ASU Police Officer resigns and speaks out

Former Arizona State University Officer Stewart Ferrin is speaking out about his decision to resign from the ASU police force.

Ferrin came under fire following the arrest of Professor Ersula Ore.

That arrest was captured on dash cam video, at first ASU defended the arrest and said Ferrin did not violate protocol.

But the officer's termination letter paints a different picture.

The 18 page letter lists nearly half a dozen incidents where Ferrin's tactics were called into question, including two traffic stops made while off duty, but in uniform.

Another when he arrested a student on her way to her own birthday party for reckless driving. Threatening to arrest a parent who was lost on campus for disturbing the peace. And less than one week before the Ore incident, his supervisor spoke to him about using poor judgement when he threatened to arrest a graduate student for failing to obey the officers lawful order.

One ASU Sergeant told Ferrin that if he was Ferrin's supervisor, he would have him hang up his keys to the patrol car and put him on foot duty.

Regarding the arrest of Prof. Ore, the letter states Ferrin "did not employ sound judgement or discretion," and "seized Dr. Ore without a lawful basis."

Arizona State University English Professor Dr. Ersula Ore released the following statement regarding ASU's campus police officer Stewart Ferrin resignation: