EXCLUSIVE: Diane Douglas claims assault in board spat

Things got a little heated between Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas and the Arizona Board of Education President Greg Miller at Monday's board meeting.

Board members met to decide whether board employees who investigate teachers' backgrounds should have access to the Dept. of Education computer system.

Douglas has refused to allow them access since the board and its staff moved out of the DOE building and into their own offices after Douglas tried to fire board members.

During the meeting Douglas and Miller began to quarrel over who had the floor when Miller took Douglas' microphone away.

"It's intolerable the way this meeting is addressed, Mr. President I am not, please take your hands off me," said Diane Douglas during the meeting.

The board is still at odds with Douglas over the acess, DPS says they did receive an assault complaint.

Douglas feels Miller assaulted her when he grabbed her arm during the meeting.