Fairfax County officials warn residents to look out for snakes

Psss... snake season is here and the creepy crawlers are especially active in Northern Virginia. Fairfax County is warning residents to be on the lookout for an encounter.

You're most likely to encounter a snake when they are crossing roads, when they are moving through your backyard or now -- breeding season. You may also spot one when they are basking near habitat edges including lakes and forests -- like this one in Burke.

Even so, plenty of serpents are popping up on social media feeds this time of year.

One snake, in particular, was found in a garage in Montclair. It looked eerily similar to the northern copperhead -- reportedly the only venomous snake species often found in Northern Virginia.

The big question -- what do you do if you see a snake?

Fairfax County leaders say stop and keep a safe distance. That gives the snake a chance to move away on its own. Don't try to handle the snake, it may bite, and when walking or hiking, stay on trails.

"I just came from Arkansas and I lived in the woods... we're not afraid of snakes," said Kurtis Fervert.

If you spot an injured snake, you can call your police department's non-emergency number.

If you're bitten by a snake, call 9-1-1.