FAKE NEWS: Salt River not closed to tubers due to mountain lion attacks

Ads for tubing along the Salt River are seen often on Valley billboards during the summer months, but no one's laughing at a Facebook prank that caused some concern.

According to a post that has been shared around, the Salt River is closed, due to a mountain lion attack, and the river will not be open for tubers this year. Peter Hill of Salt River Tubing said that's not true.

"We have gotten hundreds of calls, it is completely false," said Hill.

Salt River Tubing is open and operating normally, and on Thursday, they were expecting up to 1,000 tubers.

People said they don't think the Facebook prank is very funny.

"I don't think it is very fair to rest of us, and not very funny at all," said Cathryn Keller.

"I think it is very sad and deplorable somebody would go to such lengths to scare the public so they don't come out and enjoy the great outdoors, and the great Salt River tubing experience," said Hill.