Family calls for more body cam footage to be released of Phoenix Police shooting

The family of James Garcia, the man killed in a July 4 officer-involved shooting, is demanding the Phoenix Police Department to release every second of body camera video from all officers involved the day he died.

On July 20, Phoenix Police released two body camera videos that reveal much of what lead up to the shots being fired by officers. Just days after the shooting, the department released footage of after the shooting.

The family doesn’t believe Garcia was lifting up a gun as Phoenix Police claim. They’ve looked at the video and say they need more angles and camera footage to reveal what really happened.

On July 21, the family and community activists spoke publically about the person Garcia was.

"He was funny, compassionate, had a heart of gold," said his mother Denise Garcia.

She adds, "I looked at that video, dissected it slowly. No where did I see a gun but what I did see my son talking with his hands holding a cigarette and then trying to defend himself. But at no point did I see a gun. Which is extremely important that we see all of the body cams."

The department's spokesperson Mercedes Fortune said the videos released are of the officers directly involved in the incident.

There are additional body-worn camera videos that are available, she said but says to keep in mind the videos do not capture the incident.

"There was more than just two officers there, but only two body cams were released. That in itself speaks volumes," Garcia said.

The family also demanded dashcam video be released but Phoenix Police said their cruisers don’t have dash cams.

The FBI was brought in to investigate the shooting at the request of Chief Jeri Williams.