Family demands answer following officer-involved shooting that killed 40-year-old man

The family of a man shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting say they have waited for more than a month to get information on the shooting.

On Tuesday morning, the family of 40-year-old Ryan Whitaker took to the streets, demanding answers and for authorities to release the body cam video from the night Whitaker was killed. 

Protesters gather at Phoenix Police headquarters

During the protest, protestors held up signs that read "we want answers," "shot twice in the back," and "you killed my dad." While police officers did go out to speak to the family protesting, the family said that they were not satisfied with what was said to them.

"We get very generic. No information about the case. We're just being told it's under investigation," said Katie Baeza.

Family members told FOX 10 that up until Tuesday, they have not received anything.

"Days after they shot and killed my brother, we had nothing, not even a medical examiner report. We have nothing," said Baeza.

The incident happened back in May. According to Phoenix Police, officers responded to a call about an argument at an apartment near Desert Foothills Parkway and Chandler Boulevard, when Whitaker opened the door, allegedly holding a gun and went after police. 

"We were told after 45 days we would receive something. We still don't have that," said Baeza. We have no 911 calls or video. Not even the medical examiner's report."

Phoenix Police officials respond

FOX 10 reached out to Phoenix Police to ask about how long it takes for information to be released. In a phone call, Sergeant Tommy Thompson says the 45-day timeline is a target date, but they are still working on it. The officer-involved shooting, meanwhile, is still under investigation.