Family friend remembers man missing following weekend flash flood

Those who worked with two of the victims who died in a flash flooding near Payson over the weekend are taking the losses especially hard.

Hector Miguel Garnica and his wife Maria both worked at the same restaurant in Cave Creek. Tom Price, a close family friend, said he spoke with Hector's mother Monday morning. Hector's mother is in Payson.

"She's not coming home from Payson until she has her baby back," said Price. Price went on to say many of the victim's relatives work for him at the restaurant. He said the young family was living the American Dream.

"A hard working family guy, that's all he cared about," said Price. "He would work 80 hours a week, two jobs, so he could support his family."

In their last conversation, Hector reportedly described how excited he was about the family trip to Payson to celebrate his wife's birthday.

"I just ran into him last Wednesday," said Price. "He was telling me about it. He was going up there. He had his two girls in the backseat of his car, he was on his way to work and that's the last time I ever saw him."

Price created a GoFundMe campaign to help surviving family members pay for the upcoming funerals. In addition to the Garnica family, five other relatives, ranging from two to 27 years old, died in the flood. So far, Hector is the only one still missing.

"I just want more than anything for him to be found, so he can be buried with his family," said Price.

GoFundMe for Payson flash flood victims