Family of late woman to cover adoption fees at Scottsdale animal rescue

Foothills Animal Rescue is more than just a safe haven for furry friends in need of a home.

It's also a memorial campus for Brynn Smith, a young woman who spread sunshine everywhere she went.

"She, in fact, rescued a dog named Jax," Victoria Cowper said.

Brynn is everywhere at Foothills; she's on the walls, in the lights, and in "8-3-1," which is how Brynn ended each conversation. It stands for eight letters, three words, and one meaning, also known as "I love you."

Brynn's message is exactly what the rescue will continue to spread.

Tomorrow on August 31, Brynn's family will pick up all of the adoption fees to honor their beautiful daughter with a gesture of love.

In fact, Foothills is reaching out to those who need help the most right now. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, they're reaching out with a little 8-3-1.

"We are coordinating efforts," Cowper said.