Family speaks following release of video surrounding June 2016 officer involved shooting in Mesa

On Wednesday, Mesa Police released a heavily blurred body camera video from an officer involved shooting that happened in June of 2016. On Thursday, however, the family of the suspect gave FOX 10 Phoenix a look at the unblurred video.

In addition, the suspect's family is also speaking out, saying they believe the public isn't seeing what really happened that night.

The officer involved shooting happened during a domestic violence call last June involving Mark Knourek. Knourek was reportedly given an order to drop a knife, but police said he did not. That's when they used non-lethal bean bags fired from a shotgun.

"The suspect is struck more than once with the beanbag rounds and is not effective," said Detective Nik Rasheta with the Mesa Police Department. "He then turns and squares up with the officers and run right at them."

That's when officers fire live ammunition.

"Never even fathomed to hear and see that, see him be shot down," said Nancy Riddle, Knourek's wife.

Riddle, and Knourek's brother Joe, are pushing back on the police narrative. They shared unblurred video with us

"He was standing there, he was on the phone talking to the officer that was with our son and myself," said Riddle.

Police said Knourek was reached by phone when he was in his backyard. Knourek's family said he did have a knife in his hand, but he wasn't threatening the officers, and no de-escalation tactics were used.

"He's got the phone, he's talking to the officer," said Joe. "He's running towards the garage of his house with the phone to his ear"

Knourek survived the shooting, but his family says even though he was fighting with his wife that night, he didn't need to be shot multiple times, and the police need to be more transparent

"If they're releasing a video, I would like to see it as well as hear it," said Riddle.

Mesa Police officials, when asked about the family's claims, said they could not comment, as charges in this case are still pending.

According to the police report, Knourek reportedly asked the officers why they didn't shoot to kill, and officers said Knourek was not thinking clearly. Mesa Police also said the blurring the whole clip is the most efficient way to fulfill records requests.