Female ASU student takes action after she received photo of a man's private parts

An Arizona State University student has taken a bold approach, when it comes to keeping potential dates in line. Madi Kohn said she was receiving many nude photos from men on dating apps, and she wanted it to stop, so she posted a warning in her biography line on Tinder.

"I said if you send me any unsolicited pictures, I will send them to your mother," said Kohn, a junior at ASU.

One man, decided to ignore the warning. Kohn said she's never talked to this man, never matched with him on dating apps, and certainly never asked for a nude photo. She stuck to her words after receiving a photo of a man's private area through Instagram messages.

"I pulled his profile up on Facebook and he had everything on public - doubt he does nor, but he had it all on public and his family information, and I found his mom right there," said Kohn.

Kohn sent his mother the nude photo with a message that read, in part, that she's never talked to him before, and asked the mother to tell her son to not send unsolicited pictures to women.

The mother responded in Spanish and English.

"I was pretty surprised the way she reacted," said Kohn. I thought she was going to come back and attack me for putting her son on blast, but she actually ended up apologizing and that her son is a good person and she never thought he would do this kind of thing."

Kohn said since the incident, men have contacted her apologizing for another man's actions.

"I just think that when these pictures are sent, it's so demoralizing and objectifying to women," said Kohn. "It treats them just like an object and it's not appreciated in general you know?"

Kohn says she feels no remorse in sending the photo to his mom. She hopes this will teach him and anyone else thinking of doing the same a lesson.