Fire, explosions rock Glendale mobile home

You can hear the explosion in the cell phone video shot by a neighbor.

"Boom, boom then you hear something shoot up in the air," John Tuminello said.

John Tuminello says he heard up to 10 explosions and says he and dozens of others watched in terror as huge, bright flames engulfed the mobile home behind his.

"I look over, flames are 30 to 40 feet in the air, all of the sudden, explosion after explosion," Nick Reid said.

By the time neighbors realized what was going on, it was too late to help. Phoenix Fire Capt. Reda Bigler says even crews had to hold back.

"It was so significant, if you actually look at the placement of our trucks out here, we normally, we pull past it do do a 360," she said. "We couldn't even pull past it because of the heat and the fire. At that point, we just deployed our hand lines."

Fifty firefighters worked tirelessly to make sure the fire didn't spread, while Good Samaritans rescued a dog and horse from the back of the property.

"They cut through the fence to get him through," one neighbor said. "They put his head down and got him through with him going through the fence. That's how he got the leg all cut up."

Two people who lived next door were hurt, but they will be OK.

Early reports indicate the residents are out of state, but neighbors are grateful no one was home or the outcome could have been much worse.

Investigators say the cause of the fire remains under investigation.