Firefighters around the world rally to support son of Georgia firefighter

Firefighters have a close bond. When the son of a Cherokee County firefighter ended up in the hospital fighting leukemia, firefighters around the world started to help out.

Friday night, 17-year-old Logan Droke was supposed to graduate from Creekview High School, but he was too ill to make it to the ceremony. Logan's dad, Cherokee County firefighter Randall Droke, walked across the stage to accept the diploma. In the audience, dozens of firefighters from Cherokee and Cobb counties.

"We're here to support Logan Droke and his family due to him battling leukemia for the fourth time and graduating high school on time. We're here to show support and that we love him," said Cherokee County Fire Lt. Brady Cornelison.

When Logan went into the hospital, word spread like wildfire throughout the firefighter community. Soon, firefighters from around the world started sending Logan videos to lift his spirits.

"To get to see Logan watch those videos it was amazing. He loved them. He would tell his dad he wakes up every morning hoping for a new video. Hoping for more to see. They're working he's fighting," said Lt. Cornelison

Friday night, during the Creekside High School graduation, the support for the Droke family was just as abundant. The men and women who put their lives in danger to protect strangers, now rallying together to help one of their own.

"We're praying. We're keeping up the fight because we've seen him fight. We love him and his family and we want to help out any way we can," said Lt. Cornelison.

Friends have started a GoFundMe page to help Logan and his family.