First-hand look at how officials in China are trying to stop the coronavirus spread

We have a first-hand look at how authorities in the city of Wuhan in China have been trying to contain the deadly, fast-spreading coronavirus.

We've known that the entire city has been put on lockdown after speaking to a Mesa man who is there right now, but we now have an inside look at the city that usually has hundreds of thousands of people outside - now completely inside.

Ramiro Russell says this video below was sent by one of his business partners at Just Quick Media. "Those streets are all barren. That whole city, the whole province is shut down and they're trying to tell us that although it's frightening, they're containing it," he said.

Russell says he believes authorities think this is a way to show China is taking the coronavirus seriously. "They're showing us that 'Hey we're taking a proactive approach to keep people contained so it doesn't spread until we can find out what it really is.'"

He had to cancel a company trip and worries about the impact on China and the world if health officials can't get control of the coronavirus.

Mesa man, Jonny Dangerfield, was in Wuhan longer than expected, saying he was given access to a chartered flight back to the United States but declined after his wife wasn't able to get on board because she's a permanent resident in the U.S., not a citizen.

On Saturday, he updated FOX 10, saying, "Our family is back in the United States. We were able to secure passage on a US embassy chartered evacuation flight which left Wuhan Friday morning, Feb 7. All five members of our family traveled together. After a couple stops, we eventually landed in Omaha, Nebraska, where we are undergoing a 14-day quarantine with around 50 other evacuees."