Flag flap: Peoria woman claims HOA told her to remove U.S. flag painting from curb

A Peoria woman who was trying to show her patriotic spirit ends up violating her neighborhood's homeowners association (HOA) rules without even knowing it.

"Both my husbands were very patriotic," said Donna Cordero. "Both fought for the country, my sons were in the military so I thought OK, an American flag."

For Cordero, the Old Glory means a lot, and she thought the least she could was display a picture of the flag on her curbside address number outside her home.

"Four weeks later, I got a notice in the mail that said 'you can't do that, you've gotta get rid of that', and I said you're joking because I thought they were," said Cordero.

Cordero's HOA wanted reflective numbers to help emergency crews find houses, but they didn't want any artwork.

"You can't walk on, step on, drive on an American flag," said Cordero. "I said 'Peter, it's not a flag. It's a picture of a flag.'"

Down the street, Jim West is keeping his flag.

"They're gonna let them in here to sell things and if they didn't, that's their problem, not mine. My wife picked out something she liked and it was an American flag. What is the big deal for Pete's sake?" said West.

Cordero said the HOA didn't specify consequences, but her son whitewashed the number anyway. It was something Cordero wish didn't have to happen.

"I'd like them to let them keep that flag on the curb," said Cordero. "It's not hurting anybody. It's very patriotic, and I think our country's in a world of hurt, and we need to show some respect for the flag."

Meanwhile, officials with the Westbrook Village Association issued a statement.

"The American flag is a symbol that is cherished by the Westbrook Village Association. The flag is flown proudly by the Association at its community recreational centers and at its Veteran's Memorial Ramada. Moreover, all residents within Westbrook Village are encouraged to display the American flag on their property in a manner that is respectful and in accordance with the United States Flag Code. The association's rules prohibit the display of any decoration on the curb. The primary purpose of this rule is to protect the safety of the residents by making the painted address numbers more visible to emergency personnel."