Flooding caused by broken water pipe displaces ASU freshmen

Students were flooded out of their dorms at Arizona State University and it may take days until they can go back in.

Windows in the Juniper Building were cracked open to air it all out after a broken water pipe caused a big mess and left 160 students displaced.

"I guess it was really hot water and they were just trying to run through it without getting burned," Freshman Spring Arehart said.

Friends of Arehart told her it all started on the fifth floor, but as water traveled through the building, students shared images on Snapchat of flooded floors and even elevators.

"It was like up to people's hips and knees and really high," Arehart said.

Spring lives in the dorm attached to the one that flooded and is now forced to evacuate and stay at a hotel paid for by ASU.

We're told the university gave that option for all of the 160 people affected and are providing shuttles to class because the hotel isn't on campus.

Some students say they were told they'd be out for six days, but it could be even more depending on if things get moldy.

ASU says that everything is still being looked into as a day later, water spots can still be seen on the dorm's outer walls.

There were no injuries reported and the cause of the pipe bursting is still under investigation.