Florida woman accused of drowning pet Chihuahua in swimming pool

A woman has been accused of drowning her pet Chihuahua and authorities said it was caught on camera.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivy described 32-year-old Erica Black as a "despicable dog drowner." Investigators said the woman was caught on camera drowning her own Chihuahua in a swimming pool in October 2021.

Investigators said Black took her own dog into a pool which was recorded on a home security camera. The video, the sheriff said, shows Black holding the dog named Sadie underwater. He described the dog as struggling to get air. The sheriff said the video also shows Black slamming the dog's body on the pool deck afterward.  Then, he said, she posted pictures of the dog's body on social media.

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"It makes me sick!" Sheriff Ivy said in a video posted to Brevard County Sheriff's Office's social media. "If I hear she has as much as a pet rock, I will lose my crap, because this woman doesn't deserve to have anything. She deserves to rot in jail."

Black faces a charge of felony animal cruelty. Her bond was set at $15,000.