Florida woman with three kids now homeless after moving to Houston to become social media influencer

A Florida woman named Kieria Jones and her three kids are now homeless after moving to Houston from Tallahassee at the start of 2024.

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Jones says she moved to Houston with dreams of becoming a social media influencer.

"It's mainly what I came to Houston for. That's where most of all of my favorite Youtubers are from", Jones said.

She says she has no transportation but was able to rent a car to get to Houston due to receiving disability checks for her son but says her kids would be on the thing to get her to move back to Florida with her mom. 

"If I feel like I'm putting too much on them with me being stressed, then I would go back", Jones told Houston mayor John Whitmire.

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Jones says she worked at Denny's when she first moved to Houston and was able to afford a motel room, but it just became too much after a while.

"All my decisions affect them (three kids)", Jones says. 

Jones and her kids checked into a warming center during the freeze in Houston on January 16 after calling 9-1-1 for help after temperatures dropped, making it no longer safe for her and her kids to be on the street. 

The warming center closed on Wednesday, January 17 at Noon which she was unaware was happening, so Mayor Whitmire placed her with someone who could help her with her situation.