Forest Service announces new 10-year plan to manage the country's growing wildfire crisis

According to experts, wildfires are growing stronger and lasting longer, causing devastation across the country, including in Arizona.

"Wildfires have devastated Arizona's forests and rural communities," said Sen. Mark Kelly. "Fire has always been a natural part of forest's ecosystem, but the mega fires are unlike anything we have seen before."

On Jan. 18, a new plan was announced to respond to the nation's growing wildfire crisis.

The Forest Service's response to the wildfire crisis, which consists of a 10-year strategy to combat the issue, was announced in Phoenix, where a round table was held between Sen. Kelly, the Agriculture Secretary, and Chief of the U.S. Forest Service Randy Moore to talk about the growing issue, as well as what they will start doing.

"The initial investment in this new strategy will begin in areas that our scientists have identified as high risk of community exposure, based on historic fire behavior," said Moore.

The forest service says they will work with other federal agencies, including the Department of Interior, as well as, state, tribal, and local communities to focus on forest health treatments. Initially, they will focus on the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, the Sierra Nevadas, California, and Colorado.

The plan was made possible by the nearly $3 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

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