Former patients reunite with staff at Phoenix Children's Hospital

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - It was a family reunion at Phoenix Children's hospital. Former patients were back at the hospital reconnecting with the people who were there when they needed them most.

Even though Spiderman and super woman are pretty cool, Saturday Phoenix Children's Hospital is celebrating a few other superheroes, some of their former patients.

"These kids have come through our unit at some point and we are reconnecting them with resources in the community with the therapy team and nursing staff and doctors, physicians and everyone that worked with them and providing them with just a really fun day to enjoy themselves and everybody here," said Lisa Graybill, the manager at Pediatric Rehab and Therapy at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

The pediatric inpatient rehabilitation program at PCH is the only one of it's kind in the state. Lisa says the superhero-themed event is aimed to connect families they've treated with some amazing local resources.

"A lot of times when children leave our unit it's still a new journey, it's still a new trauma for them and even though we had them these resources when they go out the door, they're not always ready to do that yet," said Graybill. "We wanted them to make this connection because there are some really great resources in the Valley."

Just ask Katie Bayo and her 7-year-old son Quincy. Their journey with PCH started a little more than a year ago when Quincy wasn't feeling like himself. After a few trips to the hospital with flu-like symptoms, they finally got a scary diagnosis.

"We didn't exactly know what was wrong with him, he was in cardiogenic syptic shock, his heart was failing, his lungs were failing, his kidney was failing," said Katie Bayo.

But thanks to the rehab team at PCH, Quincy is here today, and Katie says it feels like a family reunion.

"After you leave you still have a lot to worry about, just being able to come here and experience what we've been able to go through and come back and share it with them is pretty big," said Bayo.