Former Prescott Fire Chief talks about Yarnell Hill fire movie

A big Hollywood movie is in the works about the tragic Yarnell Hill fire and this week, it was announced that two major stars will have lead roles.

Former Prescott Fire Department Chief Dan Fraijo says it will be difficult to relive that day, but he'll watch the movie and hopes it captures the heroic spirits of the men who died nearly three years ago.

Among the deadliest fire fights in history, the Yarnell Hill fire killed 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots.

"I just hope that whatever they do, even if it is brutal, that is accurate, that it's honest, that it's sincere, that it gets the message across that these were 19 fine people," said Fraijo.

The Hotshots worked for Fraijo, who says months after the tragic day, he met with the movie's writer, Ken Nolan, who also wrote the screenplay for "Black Hawk Down."

"My gut is that it is going to be about the incident itself and about the people. I don't know if they are going into the aftermath or the politics of the whole thing," said Fraijo.

The movie will star Josh Brolin and Miles Teller. No word on who the actors will play.

"These people are going to be remembered and memorialized in something more than a yearly memorial. I truly hope it is authentic, heartfelt.," said Fraijo. It was a terrible situation and I think it can be a learning experience about what Hotshots do and decisions that are being made."

There is no release date yet for the film.