Former Valley resident experiences earthquake in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KSAZ) - For people in Alaska, it was a scary time when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the state, and one of those people used to live here in the Valley.

"As soon as the boom hit, power went out and rattles happened, I knew we were in an earthquake," said Sandy Bowen who lives in Alaska.

Because Alaska has longer nights, people were in complete darkness when the earthquake hit.

"The windows were rattling, I could immediately feel things falling out of the cupboards, falling off the shelves, I was in the dark so I started making my way to the door to get into the door frame," said Bowen. "It was a scary 30-45 seconds."

Since it was still dark, Sandy had no idea how much damage or what the condition of her home was in.

"Took about an hour until daylight started to creep into the windows and everything that can fall out of shelves fell out, so there were things broken, lamps turned around and things shattered," said Bowen.

Sandy says she's surprised that more damage didn't happened, but has spoken to friends where that isn't the case.

"I have spoken to friends and they have all had a lot of damage, one friend said three-fourths of the glass is gone," said Bowen.

Aftershocks continue to hit the area.