Fox Restaurant Concepts offers COVID-19 vaccines for all of its employees

On March 29, restaurant workers in the Valley were given the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

All employees with Fox Restaurant Concepts were given the vaccination opportunity and anyone who wanted one was able to get it.

Those who got the vaccine said this is one more step to getting back to normal.

"It has been such a hard year for all of those servers, all of those chefs out there in the restaurants," said Fox Restaurant Concepts Chief Legal Officer Leezie Kim. "What you’re really seeing today is hope, and hopefully turning the corner into better days for us all."

There was a streamlined vaccination process at Culinary Dropout in Tempe, with employees who were willing to get vaccinated receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Logan Huff, a server and bartender at The Henry in Phoenix's Arcadia area, says March 29 is a good day.

"Honestly, it’s relief," said Huff. "I’m one of the cautious people because I have weird anxiety with shots, so I was just thinking before, just think of this as a freedom shot, just think of all of the things that we did before COVID without masks. Just hoping and wishing all of that will end soon."

In all, about 1,500 vaccine doses will be administered. Since Johnson and Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine is a one-dose affair, people vaccinated at the event will not need another appointment to receive a second shot.

In addition, the company is also opening the vaccination site to others in the industry.

"Invited other restaurants, locally owned independent restaurants, particularly women and minority-owned restaurants to come," said Kim. "They wouldn’t have the capacity because of size to do this on their own, and we were able to get additional vaccines from Maricopa County to be able to do this."

The vaccination event was made possible with the help of Embry Health.

"They work non-traditional schedules, so being able to have something right here, right where they work is really going to ensure compliance with getting vaccinated," said Embry Health CEO Raymond Embry.

Embry Health officials say any other businesses that are interested in doing something similar can contact the company.

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