Friends of freeway shooting victim shocked, saddened of her death

Glowing, friendly, warm and kind are the words used to describe 49-year-old Dinya Farmer and her former employer, Terri Bowersock, says she was a beautiful soul.

"She loved to decorate... we had a blast," she said.

When Terri heard about the shooting on State Route 51 last night, she had no idea that Dinya was the victim.

"I started thinking was there anything I could remember that had happened... she wasn't the type that would get into trouble," she said.

Terri says the single mother of three daughters was a good provider and also a survivor of breast cancer that had returned last year. She added that now, her daughters will have to be strong without their mother.

"Mom is just on the other side... someday," she said.

Terri knows first-hand what the teens are going through as her own mother, Loretta Bowersock, was murdered in 2004. Now, she has a message for whoever is responsible for Dinya's death.

"Please, if you know of anything... it's not something that you want to walk with in your life," she said.