Friends remember Valley couple killed in plane crash

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Friends are remembering a valley couple killed in a plane crash Monday near the Deer Valley Airport.

On Monday, authorities identified the plane's pilot as 54-year-old Theodore Rich, and the passenger onboard as Elaine Carpenter, 49.

Some are calling the couple an adventurous couple, and an adrenaline-seeking pair. Meanwhile, friends of Ted Elaine are still trying to process what happened.

"Her and her husband just had a passion for life," said Teri Ann Tate, Elaine's friend. "She loved anything fast. She even tried out for American Ninja!"

Along with trying out for American Ninja Warrior, Elaine apparently worked as a horse surgeon.

"They flew here to Paris to do surgery that's never been done before, and it saved a horses life," said Ted and Elaine's friend, Kyle Renaud.

In one of Ted's last Facebook posts, he is shown with Elaine and a friend departing just a few days ago for Corona, Calif. to pick up their new plane.

The same plane that crashed yesterday.

According to the FAA, the plane was a single engine plane that was home built, and what caused it to crash is still unknown. Despite their tragic death, their friends say they can't imagine one without the other.