'Game of Thrones' baby names are reportedly trendier than ever

(FOX NEWS) - Name of thrones! The little Jacksons and Sophias of the world reportedly won't be the only ones sharing their monikers with future classmates, as "Game of Thrones"-inspired names are apparently hotter than ever before, according to one report.

In recent days, parenting website BabyCenter released data detailing that a few names from the long-running HBO series have jumped in popularity from last year through the first quarter of 2019 - perhaps ahead of the highly anticipated premiere of the show's eighth and final season on Sunday.

According to the study, two enemies of Cersei have trendier names than ever. Olenna is up 71 percent with a popularity ranking of 5,351, up from 18,292 in 2018, with Ellaria close behind and up 53 percent this year, rising from a ranking of 12,645 in 2018 to 5,994 this year.

In addition, Jorah is gaining steam and 36 percent more popular, moving to 6,959 this year from 10,900 last year. Tyrion, too, is up 20 percent, from 2,657 in 2018 to 2,126 in 2019.

Likewise, the name of Stark, too, is slowly climbing the rankings, up 9 percent from 7,592 to 6,937 today.

The ever-alluring Khalessi, finally, is up 7 percent on the list, hopping from No. 532 last year to No. 493 today.

Winter is coming - and so are the "Game of Thrones" babies.

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