Georgia mom catches daughter being adorable during 'Toddler challenge'

A Georgia mom attempt a viral video challenge caught her daughter being extremely sweet.

The toddler challenge, also known as the fruit snack challenge, has parents putting a delicious treat in front of their young kid and making them wait before they can chow down. The challenge is meant to test patience and obedience - things that kids don't have a lot of - in a fun way.

Thursday, Georgia mom Beth Stephens Goggin decided to try the challenge on her little girl Ceci Grace, who just turned 4 in May.

Beth placed a Dairy Queen Blizzard in front of little Ceci, asked her to wait, and then left the room ... leaving her camera on.

Instead of digging in without her mom looking, however, Ceci decided to wait in the cutest way possible. The little girl talked and sang to the ice cream.


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"I'm going to eat you OK?" Ceci asks the ice cream.

"No, don't lick me. Mommy said 'don't eat me before I come back," she replies back as the ice cream.

She waited over a minute before her mom got back to pick up the spoon and you can see the excitement on the little girl's face.

Ceci's father, Pete Goggin, who was the head basketball coach and teacher at Johns Creek High School for many years says the challenge is not meant to be cruel, but rather to help teach children the power of patience and all good things come to those who wait.

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