Gilbert pet rescue says kittens are being abandoned at shelter by the same woman over and over

A Gilbert pet rescue says someone keeps dropping off kittens in taped boxes around their building.

Dozens of them have been dropped off since the spring and unfortunately, not all of them have survived.

The rescue is speaking out after another drop-off happened yet again on Oct. 29.

"They were in some heat distress at that point. We did get them inside, got their body temperature down and got them in a foster home. They’re doing great now," said Barb Savoy with AZ Friends for Life.

The pet rescue says a woman has left a Uhaul box with kittens and a note saying the cats' names and how she got them at the end of October, but this reportedly has happened seven times.

‘We don’t want to vilify them’

"Which is why we believe the person who is doing this believes they’re doing something good. We don’t want to vilify them, we don’t think they have ill intentions. They’re just not thinking it all the way through … that it won’t be immediate that we’ll find the boxes," Savoy explained.

The rescue released a surveillance video of this latest incident, showing the woman taking the box when the pet rescue is closed and pushing it aside. She then left in a red Hyundai Elantra.

The box was later found in a donation bin, certainly not meant for live animals. Thankfully the kittens were found in time.

Earlier this year, two kittens died in a hidden box in the middle of Arizona's summer.

"To have them hidden behind bushes inside boxes, that’s unusual," Savoy said.

The rescue says there are so many ways to bring in a cat, and this is simply not it.

"Winter's approaching. All kinds of things happen after it’s dark and we just want to make sure we don’t have kittens or cats left around the property that we don’t find," Savoy said.

If you know who the person dropping the kittens off might be, contact the rescue at 480-497-8296.

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