Gilbert Police investigating reports of man possibly trying to lure teenage girls

Gilbert Police investigators are looking into a report of a man who is possibly trying to lure teenage girls.

The man reportedly does it by leaving mysterious business cards behind, asking them to contact him by phone or on a messaging app.

It happened Saturday evening in a seemingly safe Fry's parking lot, when two teenage girls were suddenly shadowed by a middle-aged man in an older model blue Mercedes. 

One of the girls is named Dani.

"He was starring. It was a little creepy," said Dani. She said when she and her friend came back out to their car, they saw a bizarre business card tucked into each window. 

The message: "Every woman should be recognized for turning heads, and you definitely turned mine". The man claims he would enjoy discrete texting on Kik, or over a local 480 area code phone number.

"He never followed us around too much or in the store, so it could’ve been much worse," said Dani.

Police know about the incident, but officials say there’s not much they can do. Is it creepy? Yes. Illegal? No.

Some parents from the area already know about it too. Others were upset to find out. Meanwhile, Dani says older men have checked her out before, but nothing like this. It's a case of possible stranger danger that hit too close to home.  

"You have to be careful," Dani said.

Kik, an anonymous messaging app, has been called the most dangerous apps for kids. As for the phone number on the business card, FOX 10's Brian Webb called the number, but it went straight to voicemail. An investigation is ongoing.