Gilbert woman recalls her recent trip to London as royal wedding approaches

Leah Williams is a jewelry designer by trade, so when she saw souvenir key chains on her trip to London, she knew she could make something spectacular.

"This little crown in memory of Princess Diana at Kingston Palace... once I started seeing all these great key chains, I thought why not make something big and fun and bold," she said. "It's exciting to see all the little things of the culture."

The culture is what drew Williams and five friends to a trip over the pond. Their visit included a tour of Kensington Palace and tea outside the gardens.

Her most memorable moment was viewing Princess Diana's gowns.

"I remember walking in to see her dress, I get emotional, I kind of gasped because it's, I think it's because we were raised with her and she passed away the month after my brother passed away and I just took it very personal," she said.

Williams noticed hype of the royal wedding growing, which was just one week away when she was there.

"We took a walk through Kensington, it's a big park to get to the Kensington Palace and we saw a lot of people already there a week ahead with cut-out forms of Harry and Meghan taking photographs... a lot of media there," she said.

Williams spoke to the locals who are equally as excited for the weekend nuptials and are eager to welcome a new princess.

"I'm setting the recorder to record the whole wedding," Williams said.