Girl hit by Phoenix Police cruiser rushed to PCH in extremely critical condition

It was a heartbreaking situation Tuesday night after a little girl was hit by a police car.

This happened near 75th Avenue and Camelback. According to police, the 3-year-old girl was running across the street to an ice cream truck and that's when the collision occurred.

Officials say surgery on the child was needed immediately due to head trauma.

We spoke to a neighbor who lives on the other side of the street where the accident happened. He called the police when he found out there were a couple of abandoned dogs at the property next door and he was concerned that when officers responded to his call that's when the crash took place.

"Accidents happen. It happens.. She saw the ice cream truck and kids jump across the street. I can imagine it is going to hurt them, yes. Hopefully, she is okay," said Delfino Ramirez. "I went home and said I'm praying for her. I don't even know who it is.. I prayed."

Ramirez was very shaken up. A lot of neighbors are wondering what happened.