Gloria Allred Suing Cobb County over Bill Cosby

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High-profile attorney Gloria Allred was in Atlanta Wednesday to file a federal lawsuit against Cobb County and the managers of the county-operated Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

Allred told reporters her constitutional rights were violated on May 2 nd 2015 when she said Cobb police denied her admission to a Bill Cosby show, even though she said she had a ticket.

Allred played an audio from a recorded conversation between her and a Cobb County police officer who told her she would be arrested if she refused to leave the center that night.

She said the recording was made by Cobb County police.

Allred's attorney Cary Wiggins said he obtained the recording after filing an open records request with the police department.

The officer contended the center was private property, and said Allred was on a list of people considered "agitators" and were not allowed to attend Cosby's performance.

"I did not intend to interrupt Bill Cosby's remarks," Allred said. "I came to Atlanta to hear what he had to say, and I was with a client who is suing him for alleged sexual misconduct."

Allred told reporters in a news conference in downtown Atlanta her attorney said the performing arts center is a county-owned and county-operated center and is not considered private property.

"Anytime public entities tell private individuals they can't enter a performance they have a ticket to, we have a problem," Wiggins said.

Cobb County officials have not commented on the federal lawsuit filed in the U.S.Northern District of Georgia on November 18 th .