Goodyear high school athlete makes miracle shot during weekend basketball game

GOODYEAR, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Everyone has their memorable moments in high school. For a sophomore at Goodyear's Desert Edge High School, he did something so memorable over the weekend that students in his school are still talking about it on Tuesday.

Perhaps what's better is that what Amarei Hunter did was all caught on camera, by his mother's cellphone. Amarei's mom and coach said what happened on Saturday's game was a combination of hard work, talent, and maybe some luck.

Saturday's game pitted Desert Edge against Trivium Prep, and Desert Edge was down by three.

"There was like six seconds on the clock when they hit a three," said Amarei. "My friend was inbounding the ball and passed it to me. I came down with two seconds on the clock."

It was a long shot, but with just two seconds left, it was Amarei's only chance, so he takes the half-court shot.

"That's when magic happens," said Amarei.

Amarei's mom drops her phone, which she used to record the memorable moment.

"I couldn't hold my composure," said Amarei's mother, Ashley Hunter. "I just over three bleachers and ran on the court, and like tackled my child. I was very excited."

Amarei said he was shocked at the time, as he didn't really expect the ball to go in, but thanks to his amazing buzzer beater from half court, his team won, 54 to 51.

"The kids are excited on campus," said Desert Edge High School's basketball coach, Scott Lovely. "The teachers are excited, everybody's voting for him to be Athlete of the Week online, and it's been fun."

Desert Edge High School is now officially the 2018 Paradise Honors tournament champion, with a 4-0 season record so far. As for Amarei, he will be playing another game Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m., and his dream is to one day play for the NBA. If that doesn't work out, Amarei said he hopes to be an interior designer, because he loves to help his mom decorate the house.