Goodyear PD: Desert Edge High School student arrested for having explosive devices

Goodyear Police Department are investigating after a Desert Edge High School student brought and planned to detonate an explosive device on campus.

On Friday morning, another student at the high school reported suspicious behavior by another student.

The school staff then contacted the Desert Edge High School Resource Officer about a student who was in possession of possibly dangerous and explosive materials.

Police say the student was immediately detained and interviewed at school where he admitted that he was planning on activating the device in the school's court yard during school hours.

The Criminals Investigations Division was notified and requested a search warrant of the student's home.

Later that evening, evidence was found to suggest he may have been testing and experimenting with explosive devices, according to police.

Police say the student was processed and booked into the Durango Juvenile Center for misconduct involving weapons and disorderly conduct.