Governor Ducey speaks out on education funding as teachers march to the capitol

Educators say Governor Ducey's plan for a 20% pay hike does not meet all of their demands, but Gov. Ducey said he believes if teachers get their pay raise, there will be no reason to continue with the walkout.

"Teachers say they had no choice but to do something dramatic, that without #RedforED, you and the Legislature never would have addressed the education funding and teacher pay issue. I believe that's a hypothetical," said Gov. Ducey.

In his war room, the Governor and his staff kept a running tally of where the votes might come from to support his 20% pay hike plan.

"I need to do my job, but I am listening to these teachers, and I think citizens have a voice. They have a right to petition their government. They have a right to be heard, and they are being heard. They're being heard by the Governor. I'm trying to make sure they're being heard by every one in the House and Senate," said Gov. Ducey, when asked if he thinks the walkout was premature, and whether it harmed the negotiations.

"What we want to do is give more than teacher pay," said Gov. Ducey, when asked if he believe he would have met the teacher's demands, if the 20% pay raise is given. "We know that the teachers need a pay increase. We've known that for some time. Now we have the growth in our economy to deliver on this. Let's answer this situation with a real solution."