Grandma charges her family $45-a-head for Christmas dinner: 'My family are spoiled at Christmas'

Christmas turkey dinner, 2006. Artist Historic England Staff Photographer. (Photo by English Heritage/Heritage Images/Getty Images) (English Heritage/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Christmas is a time for giving... money to this grandma.

A woman from England figured out a way to make feeding her family during the holidays more affordable: charging them for dinner. Now, she says she gets to spoil her family at Christmas.

Hayley Garbutt, a 52-year-old end-of-life carer, charges about $45-a-head for a seat at her Christmas dinner table, the Sun reports. Her guests include her three children, their partners and her four grandchildren. She also invites some friends as well.

“I get all of my family to put in before I go and do the shop,” she told the Sun. “This year I spent $388 online at Morrisons, doing the big shop and making sure I had a variety of things in. But it's not that I'm being tight - it means I get to spend more in other aspects then too like presents - this year the tree has so many presents stacked around it, that you can't even see it.”

So, while her family has to pay to eat dinner, Garbutt makes sure that they get their money’s worth.

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"My fridge is absolutely packed and I've got all sorts of different meats in, from beef, to turkey, pork and chicken,” she explained. “I've got champagne for Christmas day and all the fizzy drinks for the kids. On the actual day, I have my daughters Lucy 26, and Zola, 33 coming and my son Luke, 27.”

Her children are also bringing their partners, along with Zola’s four kids as well.

"I'll lay their Christmas meal out like a buffet and make sure everything that they request is there,” she continued. "It's going to be the full works, and nobody leaves until really late, as in the evening I get more guests coming too. I'll wash up and I'll clean but I'll make sure there's everything from King prawns, to pizza, to homemade quiches."

Garbutt describes Christmas as an important time of the year for her and her family. “In truth, I'd probably say my family are spoiled at Christmas,” she said, “but that's part of the fun of it.”

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